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Our Products

Leverage trading quoted in BTC

Less Trading Fees

The lowest trading fee in the market: we collect 0.04% when you close your positions!

More Transparent Market

The weighted, moving average index of the top 10 exchanges in the world smooths out abnormal market fluctuations and eliminate the possibility of price manipulation

Higher Asset Safety

Hot and cold wallet storage technology and cutting edge asset security solutions enable a zero asset loss rate .

More Trade Tools

Our products include mainstream spot trading pairs, and we will gradually launch futures trading, perpetual contract trading, etc.

Differentiation Advantage

Defiex's goal is to integrate distinct CFD trading model,high efficiency match engine,customized trading tools,and military grade security infrastructure.

Defiex's goal is to integrate distinct CFD trading model, high efficiency match engine, customized trading tools, and military grade security infrastructure

Ring Match Trading Engine

Defiex utilizes proprietary distributed memory matching and ring matching technology to support high database concurrency.

The Defiex ring matching technology reaches 1 million orders per second in tests, outperforming most existing platforms by hundreds, even thousands of times.

Professional Products And Indexes

The Defiex R&D team delves deeply into cryptocurrency futures, researching and reverse engineering more than 800 Bitmex, CME and CBOE products.

Ready-to-launch products include standard futures contracts, perpetual contracts, and binary options. Defiex will also gradually introduce traditional assets to form more structured products.

State-of-the-Art Security Systems

Defiex has cutting edge financial, software and network security systems.

In addition to normal HFT risk control, Defiex also adopted multi-level authorization, multi-signature and multi-factor authentication. We partnered with industrial leading security experts to build CDN infrastructure that was immune to DDos attacks.

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